Lindsay Roth spent years working in the makeup industry at a well-known multimillion dollar company.  Her roman-à-clef, What Pretty Girls Are Made Of, breaks the lipstick seal of silence in this thinly veiled tell-all about what it's like working in the estrogen-infused cosmetic trenches.   

This voice-driven narrative centers around the indefatigable Alison Kraft, who lands a new career in the cutthroat world of high-end makeup, ensnared under a new boss who could give even Miranda Priestly a run for her money.  A boss who secretly wires the office halls, requires coffee in the shade of Beyoncé, and locks misbehaving employees in her red Mercedes for drive-by-ambush scoldings.  While this cosmetics company doesn't test on animals, it certainly isn't cruelty free. 

But beyond the circumstances of Alison's job, What Pretty Girls Are Made Of brings a new, hopeful spin to the woes of late 20-Something life: it isn't fluff - it isn't a miracle story.  It's about how this winning modern heroine invents herself; about covering up and wiping away.  An act of desperation to achieve inner satisfaction.   

What Pretty Girls Are Made Of is honest about its characters’ flaws, while still maintaining a fresh-faced outlook at what happens when life doesn’t go your way.

For what really is makeup?  You'll find out.

"Lindsay Jill Roth surely proves what good writers are made of! What Pretty Girls Are Made Of is a must read for any woman who is finding her way or has found her way through life's adventures.  Lindsay Jill Roth writes refreshingly genuine, unforgettable characters dealing with the roller coaster of new careers, new love and New York.  It's intelligent, witty and a fun, can't-put-down read!"  --Bridget Hazan Siegel, Author of Domestic Affairs