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"What Pretty Girls Are Made Of was a laugh-out-loud good time story that had enough heart and enough drama to keep me entertained all the way through to the very end...Author Lindsay Jill Roth brings her knowledge of the cosmetics industry to Alison’s world and makes her come alive on the pages. From the catty office atmosphere to the, ahem, interesting customers, readers will have a blast with this impressive debut novel."

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"What Pretty Girls Are Made Of is set in the world of cosmetics, but [Lindsay] navigates her lead character through a tumultuous journey within the not so pretty side of the industry – think “the Devil Wears Prada” but with lipstick.  While this covetable beach read is a page turner in and of itself, [Lindsay] is using this opportunity to open the conversation on what beauty really is. What it truly means to be pretty..."

The Tig 

"This book has been compared to The Devil Wears Prada and while I see why they would use this comparison, I actually liked this book more than I did "Devil"... I thought Roth did a fantastic job of fleshing out her character - right down to the introspection that makes her want to do more, to discover more about life, once she realizes that she is not happy where she is.  This character spoke to me throughout the book - especially when she finds herself, thrilled, scared and passionate - all at the same time."



"What Pretty Girls Are Made Of is a gem! I loved following Allison around as she navigated throughlife, love and her career. It was a lighthearted, fun read as well as an eye-opener. I love Chic-Lit and this book is a perfect example of this wonderful genre! I am so glad I read it! "

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"I liked this book because Alison grew so much as a character, it made it seem so realistic. She was a very well-developed character and easy to relate to. I can’t imagine dealing with a boss like Sally and still keeping my cool or my sanity. It was nice that there was no insta-love in this book either, I hate when a relationship is “too easy” because it is just not real. I will recommend this book to friends."

The Library Princess


"What Pretty Girls Are Made Of is smart chick lit, a really cute story that made me laugh several times, written in a way that keeps you turning the pages."

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"Similar to The Devil Wears Prada and The Twins of Tribeca, this book has a little twist to stand out from the other horrible boss stories– the main character actually has a spine! Alison is a great counterpart to Psycho Sally; she pushes back when she needs to and never loses the essence of who she is. Quick, light and makeup fluffy, WPGAMO  is the best $1.99 you’ll spend for an e-book."

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The writing of What Pretty Girls are Made Of, random book facts, upcoming projects and more in this Q&A with author Lindsay Jill Roth.

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